Academic Editing

I specialise in turning academic or technical content into clear, accessible English while maintaining the overall integrity and voice of the author. Editorial decisions require sound judgement and my suggestions will always be made via comment balloons and track changes so that you can make the final decision. I work hard to retain the author’s voice as much as possible while making sure the content is clear and well-argued.

I edit and proofread full-length academic manuscripts, research papers, dissertations, essays, book proposals and more, across a range of disciplines within the Humanities and Social Sciences. These include, Anthropology, Communications, Cultural Studies, Developmental Studies, Economics, English Literature, Environmental Studies, Gender studies, History, Human Rights, International Relations, Islamic Studies, Journalism, Law & Legal studies, Media Studies, MENA region studies, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, South Asian Area Studies, Travel and Tourism, War and Conflict Studies, Women’s studies.

For academic manuscripts, I offer substantive editing, copy-editing and proofreading services. If you are preparing your manuscript for peer review or publication, both substantive edits and copy edits are essential. While a substantive edit may often include copy edits, they focus on entirely different issues. Please click on the tabs below to learn more about what each service covers.

Substantive Editing

Also known as developmental or comprehensive editing, substantive editing is almost entirely analysis-based. I will consider the manuscript’s overall concept and intended use by focusing on the logic, structure, language and flow of the argument. I will suggest changes and improvements as necessary and offer re-writes where appropriate. I will also check facts across the manuscript and query jargon or technical terms to ensure that they are audience appropriate.

Copy-editing / Line editing

A copy edit deals with the mechanics of language, consistency of style and presentation.

It will include identifying and correcting errors in grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation, ambiguous language, awkward phrasing, unnecessary repetition, overused words/phrases, dangling modifiers and so on. I will also check citations, footnotes and bibliographies for consistency and am familiar with both footnote/endnote and Harvard/MLA/APA styles; and with UK or USA spelling. A copy-edit will not include any substantive /content edits


If you want to ensure copy that sparkles, you must have your content proofed. This is almost always done on a typeset document or a proof so that it can be checked in its final form. I will focus entirely on correction (no major revisions at this stage) and check for typographical inaccuracies, formatting and aesthetic issues to make sure that no errors remain from the manuscript or were introduced during the production stage. I am familiar with BSI proofreading symbols and can also mark up an electronic typescript. Industry best practice  recommends beginning with a substantive edit, followed by a copy-edit and proofreading at the end.

Copy-writing and copy-editing for non academic / commercial materials

I offer both copy-writing and copy-editing services for a range of materials in both print and digital formats. These include newsletters, brochures, flyers, catalogues, posters, web news stories, full length feature articles, press releases website copy, online advertising, blog posts, and so on. I am happy to adhere to any style guides you may wish to follow and can also help you design a style guide for use with all your content needs. As I am familiar with the publishing process, I am also happy to liaise with authors or other suppliers such as designers and indexers directly. I particularly enjoy working on cross-cultural projects. I am always sensitive to cultural specifics and requirements, flexible when working with different time zones and I specialise in working with authors whose first language is not English.

Resume editorial services

I offer a specialised editorial service to help you with your CV or Resume. I will focus on identifying errors and suggesting corrections and improvements for grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, style, tone, consistency and accuracy. I will also help you improve the structure and layout of your CV so that it maximises your skills and experience and is tailored to industry standards.